A new action from the famous Square Enix

At the press conference PlayStation, held September 19 at the exhibition Tokyo Game Show 2017, Square Enix company announced a new game – Left Alive. Over this action with elements of survival work for people who participated in the creation of games series Metal Gear, Ghost in the Shell and Armored Core.



What can we say about the long-awaited game?

The announcement of game Left Alive from Square Enix was the main surprise of the press conference Sony before TGS 2017. From the interview with the developers it was found out that the game belongs to the Front Mission series, chronologically located between the fifth and sixth parts. The place of action will be an unnamed city in Russia, which became the center of international conflict.


The director of the game, Tosifumi Nabeshima, told about what this choice was connected with. According to the developer, the Front Mission series has never been in these harsh regions before. On the horrible frosts and any Russian winter, they form legends and Nabeshima believes that this is the atmosphere that will convey the idea of ​​loneliness and hopelessness. In addition, Russia will help in the development of an interesting and unique story.


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