BattleTech for PC Reviews and Conclusions


The beauty of BattleTech combat

Despite the pathos inherent in the genre, the shooting of multi-ton robots and an overloaded plot, it is surprisingly elegant. The beauty of BattleTech combat system lies in the ratio of risk and reward: it is a constant threat that can not be estimated in advance, makes the game interesting. During the game you constantly need to decide which hero to activate, where to move it, what target to shoot and which weapon to use. The mechanics of combat are the same, regardless of which planet the battle is on. Battles take place on fairly extensive maps with complex terrain and infrastructure.

Despite the relatively simple gameplay, the game is full of surprises. At the most unexpected moment allies can come to help the enemy, greedy employers can betray the player. This can cause problems: side missions are sometimes too long. Artificial intelligence, which is used in the game, often makes a choice in favor of defensive actions, allies may not come to the rescue on time or something else unforeseen happens. Therefore, in addition to the tactical skills of the player, luck plays an important role.



BattleTech: Features of the game

In BattleTech for PC Reviews it is mentioned that combat robots can be upgraded, dismantled, re-equipped, altered. You will have to decide which weapons to choose, which parts of the body to strengthen, and so on.

Any blunder, like a domino effect, causes an avalanche of consequences, and even a victory in battle does not always pay off the losses. The injured pilot after the mission goes to the infirmary – it is quite possible that the treatment will last a couple of months. Destroyed equipment can not be restored, just like torn arms, legs and pieces of armor. Repairing heavily damaged equipment can cost too much. Sometimes it makes sense to sell it for scrap.

Unlike many tactical strategies, BattleTech does not forgive the player procrastination and reckless moves. The longer the fight, the more holes in your armor and the less ammo in the weapon. Gradually, the space for maneuvers is reduced because of which one minor mistake at the wrong time can ruin your entire squad.



Your wards are ordinary people sitting inside rare, fabulously expensive cars. Opponents often in no way inferior: they have access to the same outfit and even the skills of the characters that you have. You are equally vulnerable. Weapons are never superfluous, but the winner is not the one who is better armed. Luck accompanies the effective, not the brave.


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