Kid time: top 4 PC games for kids

Snake Pass

This game combines simplicity and fascination. Therefore, it is suitable for the smallest players. The protagonist of this platformer is a snake. Its task is to move through levels, solve puzzles, avoid obstacles and collect precious stones. Her friend, a smart hummingbird, helps her. In general, this is the whole game. There are no battles, no other heroes, no communication. But this is the case when simplicity is perfect. Such a game will entice inexperienced players, since it allows you to enjoy simple actions. The main thing here is to understand the principle of snake movement.

LEGO Worlds

The list of the best PC games for kids will be incomplete without LEGO. It is a typical sandbox (it is similar to Minecraft), in which any player can build whatever he wants out of Lego blocks. Using an extensive arsenal of game functions, you can create tools and objects. The “Terrain” function allows the player to change the landscape in any style, also you can add or delete the area for buildings. At the beginning of the game, the player collects gold blocks, and looks for characters. Drawings of buildings and objects can be found in huge chests around the world. Further all that appeared in the arsenal of the player, you can use during construction.


Yooka-Laylee is one of the top PC games for kids. It is made in the genres of platformer and action-adventure. The main characters are the chameleon Yooka, described as ‘heroic’, and the bat Laylee, described as ‘slightly crazy’. Characters will be able to acquire ‘unexpected’ forms, allowing them to get new abilities. The game is intended to revive the genre of ‘collectathon’ (from the words ‘collect’ and ‘marathon’, which was popular in the late 90’s and early 2000’s). During their adventures, Yooka and Laylee will collect items to unlock new worlds.

 A Hat in Time

The main protagonist of A Hat in Time is a little girl named Hat Kid, who takes an interplanetary journey, trying to return home. On the way through the City of the Mafia she meets a thug, who damages her spaceship when trying to get inside. As a result, the ‘particles of time’ are scattered throughout the planet. Hat Kid tries to save time from irreversible damage. She has to collect ‘particles of time’ before they can be captured by the antagonist of the game, the evil Mustache Girl.
A Hat in Time


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