WWE 2K19 Introduction

The WWE 2K19 gameplay was released on 9th October 2018 and it is literally one of the reasons why the game should be released on a yearly basis. The game has clearly decided to focus on being fun and really captivating.

The key features of the game include; the game goes for £49.99 and can be played using PS4, Xbox One and Windows; the genre of the game is wresting and was developed by Yukes and Visual Concepts.

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About the game

The fans of Daniel Bryan were very disappointed because of his retirement after getting several injuries hence his return scares other players and he goes to face John Cena as unknown player on Velocity, his second release for going off-script, he goes on and wins world titles and also returns after being cleared by health practitioners. The story is truly moving filled with hardships and yet never giving on your goals no matter the challenges you encounter.

Every match has its regulations that must be followed instead of having standard fair matches; the conditions include striking a rival with a standing strike, performing an OMG moment, or going to the backstage so as to try killing your rival.

The game can be able to take over and play without being controlled in instances when you are playing and you implement particular sequences. Therefore it will be like watching a match that is simulated from what you were copying. When the game takes control, the motion picture on the game is on another level, Bryan is able to move pretty fast while Triple H has a powerful and domineering way of moving. So in short, every wrestler has been designed to move the way they would in real life, making the game even more fascinating without getting out of the virtual bubble.

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The series has always had options of creating a superstar and WWE 2K19 is no exception. The options for creating a superstar are more advanced and you can do that with a click of a button.

Changes and latest additions

  • The WWE 2K19 has now expanded its championship system and it can permit six championships per show, the preceding series had been limited to four.
  • It is now possible to allocate several tag titles or women’s titles to a show because of the new modifications.
  • Another modification that has been done is of the money in the Bank Briefcase thus it now has a championship slot.
  • New Championship Divisions have the ability of determining which categories of Superstars will pursue, additionally, Championships can also be evacuated.
  • The new Superstar Save Profiles system allows players to save changes to Superstar settings across MyWWE and numerous Universe saves simultaneously. It includes Skills, Payback, Move Sets, Attributes, Abilities and Entrances.
  • Players can also modify the kind of matches used on every show and Pay-Per-View through Custom Match Tables. Ascertaining the frequency of numerous matches in storylines and rivalries by using slides.
  • You can also assign up to 3 managers to one wrestler, thus they will together with the superstars in One on One and regular Tag Team matches.
  • Promos can now include recent occurrences; a former champion who lost a match can request for a rematch, competitors will talk about won and lost matches and intrusions that occurred the previous week. A lot of brand new promo animations have been added and each Superstar has a pre-set “Promo Attitude”, a player may also modify any of the Superstars so that they can act however you want.
  • Furthermore, it is possible to go through your Universe to check matchups and also determine who will loss or win the matches without playing.
  • In spite of the great additions and modification done in 2K19, it still has some mistakes. You can regularly lose track of whatever you are attempting to highlight since the hot-pink square that highlights in creating items on a white background maybe difficult to see. Another problem entails other characters such as Triple H, Even Braun Strowman who deeply grunts making all of them sound lifeless apart from Daniel Bryan is enthusiastic while narrating his life story. Additional, the AI sometimes stops working properly although the issues are not so much. In spite of all this setbacks, the WWE 2K19 is still not a deal-breaker its just that it can be annoying when you are playing a game and keep on getting interrupted by small issues and that is why WWE 2K19 ratings are high.

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The game has not attempted to create a new game and neither does it seem like it was trying to. It however has changes that make it better than previous versions and has create-a-modes. The WWE 2K19 roster is captivating and has a plot that is meaningful. Players also get to be introduced to Towers and also connect the My Player modes. It is not a perfect, but it is surely worth every penny as you will get a very thrilling experience.


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