Judging deity: God of War PS4 reviews roundup

From the very beginning, it was clear that God of War for PS4 will be different from previous series. It really differs for the better. Here are excerpts of reviews of authoritative game resources.

GamesRadar + 5/5

“It is hardly possible to overpraise God of War. The universe of the game is thought out flawlessly. Heroes and the plot are full of nuances and depth. Skillfully created gameplay, multi-layered battles, sophistication of puzzles – everything in the game shines with such perfection that every time you want to stop and enjoy your experiences to the full. Whether it be a stunning victory after the bloody battles or heavy losses – all testifies to the highest level of the game. God of War is not only a game of the year, but it can also be called one of the best games in history”.


IGN – 10/10

“We all counted on a thrilling action from God of War. And the game lived up to expectations. But the big surprise was that the game turned to be an amazing adventure, in which every detail is in its place and complements the picture in a perfect way. As a result, we have a real masterpiece. Previously Kratos was quite a flat character, now he has become a complex and profound personality. Battles now occur not only on the battlefield, but also inside the hero himself. He has to make very difficult decisions. Gameplay, character, the world – everything in this game is created with such thoroughness that it is certainly the best one in the entire series”.

GameSpot – 9/10

“In general, in God of War, we saw everything that we used to see in the series. It is a fascinating action packed game with exciting epic storylines, all the delights of a high-budget product, tough battles that are becoming more aggressive, complex and exciting as you progress through the game. But unlike other games of the series, God of War looks incomparably more mature in terms of plot and psychology. The main character, remembering the past, realizes that he must change something in himself and in the world. And he starts to change for the better. Kratos ceases to be a simple predictable warrior, his actions are unconventional, he is guided not so much by instincts as by mind and heart. It can be confidently asserted that this reincarnation gave the game depth and intrigue”.


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