New games for nintendo switch

L.A. Noire

Prosperity has a dark side. The best times of Hollywood were at the same time the heyday of crime. The main character of this game has to investigate a whole series of murders, arson and other atrocities. He enters into a fight with representatives of the criminal underground of Los Angeles, who are engaged in racketeering, drug trafficking, pimping and other dirty deeds. Given the theme, the game is recommended for people who have reached the age of eighteen. If you are a big boy, challenge the underworld!


The heroine of this slasher is a real witch. And she does not hide it. Moreover, most of the time she spends in battles against the angels. In combat, she uses a whole arsenal of weapons, as well as her magical abilities. In particular, she is able to slow down time to inflict a lightning strike on the opponent. In this game, there are several levels of difficulty. At the initial levels, the witch is controlled by a single key. Simplicity of the control is one of the advantages of Bayonetta. In fact, when creating a heroine’s style, game developers took into account latest fashion trends.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

This is another Japanese role-playing game, which was released recently. Its main difference from other new games for nintendo switch of this genre is the feeling of freedom that arises during the game. The action takes place in an open world of impressive size. The developers of the game declare that its area is roughly equal to the area of ​​Japan. The protagonist of the game together with his friends embark on a long journey to fight the enemies and restore peace. The magic sword will help him in his glorious mission.

Sonic Forces

Fans of platformers and actionadventure also can find something interesting among the new games for nintendo switch. Sonic Forces combines both genres. The player can control three characters, including the hero created by the player himself. According to the plot, one villain is obsessed with the idea of ​​dominating the entire planet. He managed to capture almost the whole world, but he was confronted by the main characters, as well as some additional characters. The mission will not be easy for the heroes, because the main villain uses a special kind of weapon, called illusions.


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