The best video games of all time for Nintendo Switch

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The hero of this adventure game is a young warrior named Link. Waking up after a long sleep, he realizes that he has lost his memory. This annoying loss, however, does not prevent him from performing feats. Moreover, a mysterious voice gives him instructions. The gameplay is significantly different from previous series. Actions unfold in the open world, graphics are more realistic, and special effects are well detailed. The game world is not only open, but also huge, so you can explore it for a long time. Critics have recognized this release as one of the best games for Nintendo Switch.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Unexpectedly, the game turned out to be fantastic. It is created in the genre of turn-based strategy and really fascinates. Enemies are cunning, every fight is unpredictable, and the game world is surreal. A fantastic device capable of combining two objects into one turned this world into an absurd cluster of impossible items. The task of Mario and his friends is to save the world by defeating the grotesque enemies. Artificial intelligence will help them in this mission. Definitely, this game is one of the best games for Nintendo Switch.


SteamWorld Dig 2

This exciting game combines the genres of platformer and adventure. You have to establish the cause of the mysterious earthquakes that often occur under one of the small towns. To solve this mystery, the main characters will have to descend into the dungeon and wander through the numerous underground passages. You will discover a whole fairy-tale world with a variety of treasures and treacherous traps. Evil enemies will be waiting for you, you will have to constantly fight with monsters and ghosts.

SteamWorld Dig

Golf Story

The name of this game reflects its essence well. This is really a golf story. It has an interesting plot with role play game elements, and it is dedicated to golf. The protagonist is very fond of this game and is trying to achieve mastery after a 20-year break. The game is similar to the traditional RPG, but the fights are replaced by peaceful golf battles. The action takes place on one of the eight available territories. At first, some of them are closed for visiting. In addition to the main task, the player unravels various riddles and performs side missions.


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