The Best Nascar Games of All Times


The first game of the series was released in 1985 and became a real hit. At that time, it looked impressive. Since then, the quality of releases has grown – up to the ultra-sophisticated modern versions that can immerse in the atmosphere of real drive and convey the feelings of the rider in detail. We decided to recall the most successful Nascar games in our opinion.


Nascar The Game: 2011

In this game, among other advantages, gamers noted the tremendous realism of accidents and damages that cars received in collisions – which is an important component of any racing game. However, some players complained that the developers were too destructive: accidents in the game happened more often than usual. But in general, the game was received very favorably.


Bill Elliott’s Nascar Challenge

This game was remembered by the fact that gamers for the first time had to “compete” with a real rider, whose name is mentioned in the title of the game. The developers tried to convey the style of driving the prototype, and the players had the opportunity to feel on themselves what it’s like to race with a real champion. It was very difficult to beat Bill Elliott, but the other participants in the race were not a problem.

This game is designed for online competitions. The number of cars, trails and opportunities in it is simply stunning. Graphics is also worthy of praise. Racing is so realistic that many professional racers use the game as training. Definitely one of the best Nascar games ever.



Nascar Thunder 2003

The main feature of this game, which was highly appreciated by both gamers and critics, is a well thought out career mode. You not only have the opportunity to race along the motorways, competing with other racers, you have to master the profession of the rider from start to finish. Having entered the game as a beginner racer, you gradually improve your skills and achieve (or do not achieve) impressive results.


Nascar Thunder 2004

Many players and critics consider this release one of the best Nascar games. To make the game even more realistic, in addition to the career mode, developers introduced one more feature that reflects the realities of the world of professional racing. They have added the game mode, which allows you to unite in alliances and jointly fight with competitors.



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