Football Manager is a fascinating game. It being a mercurial game, the success of the players depends on their alertness, alacrity, speed, and accuracy. Therefore, not everyone who has fascination for the game can really play it. But there is good news for these folks. Football Manager 2019 is the latest in the series.

It is Sports Interactive that has developed this Football Manager 2019 game. Sega has published it and the release of this video game happened all over the world on 2 November 2018. The game can be played on operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, and macOS.

Gameplay of Football Manager 2019.

The gameplay of Football Manager 2019 is similar to the features of the regular series of the Football Manager game. Precisely put, the gameplay involves taking complete charge as the team manager of a football team of a professional association. This means as the team manager of the team, you, an avid game enthusiast, will take care of all the aspects of handling the activities of the team that include entering into contracts with the players, managing the finances of the club, and most importantly, giving team talks to enthuse the players. Though the game is just a simulation, you will feel as though you are managing a real football team. The AI owners as well as the board of the club will be judging the players of your team but they take into account various factors for doing so.

Football Manager 2019-Team

New features of Football Manager 2019.

Expanded modes that feature the inclusion of VAR or Video Assistant Referees can be the most obvious new feature in FM19. Those who closely keep track of tournaments are aware that VAR is and will be used in some of the big tournaments like the FIFA World Cup of 2022. Another noteworthy feature of FM19 is that the training mechanic that is currently being used has been completely overhauled. This allows in imparting more in-depth and more effective training abilities. This version is featuring updated teams as well. For example, licence is now available to the Bundesliga.

Another amazing fact is that featuring of a female manager is going to the the first in the entire series. Emma Hayes, the manager of Chelsea LFC will be this first female manager.

Playable leagues

That Football Manager 2019 continues to have the the same leagues as Football Manager 2018 need not surprise gamers. Developers of this game might have probably thought that continuing with the same leagues is a wiser decision than making haphazard and hasty changes that can sap the enthusiasm of the players. Of course, there is yet another change as well but this change has been necessitated owing to legal reasons. The change is that the German League has been reduced to two playable levels from 3.

Football Manager 2019-Tactic

Impact the new features of Football Manager 2019 will create.

Though there are a number of Football Manager 2019 reviews, Sports Interactive, the developers of the game, themselves strongly feel that the changes and additions they have brought about to the game will certainly bring gamers closer to the spirit of this great game than how they feel now. The main areas of the game in which the developers have focused and made improvements are its training module and the tactics aspect. To be more precise, the training module has been fully overhauled. The tactics creator has been upgraded as well for reflecting whatever innovations that have happened in modern games.

Some of the gamers who have just started tasting the thrill of playing this game may need some guidance. Of course, gamers who have experience in playing Football Manager may also need some help for understanding the new features that have been included in FM19. Therefore, the developers are bringing out several blog posts that explain in great detail the improvements they have made to the features of FM19. The contents on these blog posts are strengthened with a number of screenshots that can clearly showcase and explain the improvements made to the features.

Training Overhaul

The overhaul that has been done on the training module provides better control to gamers especially when they ready themselves for their next fixture. Since they will be able to develop their squad effectively by making them play on the pitch earmarked for training, they can enhance the success rate of their team.

Football Manager 2019-Team 2

Tactical Innovations.

The tactical innovations that are used as a new feature will help in pushing the boundaries as well as in creating a footballing philosophy that is in complete synergy with the new styles. As the team manager, you, the gamer, will have a wide range of new options for providing your team with more effective instructions.

The Induction Process.

If you are new to this game and if you have a desire to play it, you can fully understand it by using the interactive tutorial on it. You will learn all the basics of how you will be managing a virtual football team. Simply put, you will have a clear road-map that can catapult you to the top of FM19. Another good news is that you will now have Football Manager 2019 PC game as well for playing the game on your PC and enjoying it.


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