The Massive Multi-Player Online game extended across the various and several platforms for everyday technology comes a strategy game that was published, designed, and masterfully developed by the gaming company Plarium called VIKINGS: War of Clans.

It was officially published and launched on the iOS App Store and on Google Play on the 10th of August 2015, and on Amazon Appstore on the 10th of December of the same year. However, after many requests from the fans who really enjoyed the game on mobile platforms that was widely available, they soon demanded with popularity to launch Vikings: War of Clans on the desktop platform as well for all the PC gamers, and finally, there was a desktop version launched on Facebook on the 15th of January two years later which became the company’s official and established portal.

The Gameplay

In the Vikings: War of Clans game, a particular and specific clan is been created by a group of players that will have to cooperate, contribute, collaborate, help and advice each other in how to strengthen and upgrade their clan.

Capturing the place and position of power is the main aim of the game. Every Kingdom has a unique and individual location placed and placement. Training the troops, clans, upgrading heroes and towns are developed from the players by using, practicing and unlocking special resources called lumber, the iron, the foods, special stones, many silvers or the in-game currency which is titled as gold. Players also have to defend and withstand the attacks that are received by other clans and other members, this can be defended by reinforcing their clan and upgrading towers and resourcing and strengthening the buildings.

How many players?

100 persons of people can team up into groups which can have a single united clan name, have imposed regulations, protect themselves with various shields and build a protective structure which can help them upgrade and become better and soon the best. “Place of power” is also a goal that can be captured by players and members that have created their clan, this can help them take part in specific clan tournaments and competitions that benefit them with winning cash prizes and in developing members.

The game also has a specific and distinct option in which “knowledge” by rulers is given. This helps players to ease their burden and problems and also have walkthroughs which helps them by taking the right decision and also upgrade and elevate the right type of inventory first. If the knowledge is used correctly and accurately, it can advise and help the players gain an advantage over other clans and help them win certain games and wars. It really is a wonderful and all-around game for you.

Many pro players have also given tips and tricks on YouTube which can be watched by millions of people online for free. YouTubers/Pro players also give loads of entertainment and also help gamers gain their level by watching and simulating their style. Pro players also have great relationships with the game developers, this advantage whenever there is a specific glitch in the game, so it can be fixed quickly as the certain pro player can complain and notice as soon as he or she notices the glitch.

What about Updates?

Updates are frequently put by the developers of the Viking war of clans games, it can be either weekly or monthly whenever there is an update in the game. Small updates usually fix small glitches or bugs which can be solved weekly, while on the other hand, bigger and better updates consist of bigger items and more content that would be inserted in the Viking war of clans games. Vikings: War of Clans is regularly updated so the gamers don’t get bored of playing or doing the same thing over and over, the player doesn’t get fed up if there is a specific and explicit bug or glitch and the players who have levelled up to the max do not stop playing the game as it decreases the players.

What about In-Game Rewards?

In-game purchases can also be done by players which can gain advantages and certain rewards in the game. Many players who find it boring or uninteresting or can’t invest their time in the game by upgrading each inventory and playing every day, simply can use their own credit card or other money options and buy gold coins by spending real money which gives them Viking war of clans promocodes to use and implement within the game. This, however, is stated by many other players as “cheating” as it gives an unfair advantage and increases to the players who go about without investing or working hard in the game. But still, it increases the competition value of the game, and players who use Viking war of clans promocodes invest their money or time in the game get better in the long run and achieve good statuses to compete and play together. It provides a very good equality towards the whole platform and makes it a game for everyone.

Many parents of younger players have complained files that their children have become more aggressive and have gained a bad-attitude after becoming really addicted to Viking War of Clans. Though, replies have been given that addiction in anything can cause harmless and pay a bad influence, either it can be work, food or any type of activity, addiction should be avoided as it does not have a good experience regarding the outer world. So, children should be only allowed to play for a certain number of hours which can be from 1-2 hours each day so they do not become addicted or rely on just playing. And also, if they do bad in school or fail to give attention, they should be grounded from playing the following game as they should listen and respect their parents and educators.


On the other hand, this game has given a good course of leadership towards all the gamers who have dedicated their time and well-being towards the game, as it increases the social activity between friends and family as people are needed to fill up clans, people have learnt and worked together on how to work and play in groups and also how to gain and level up by helping each and other and gaining advice. It really makes you think and increases your IQ as well. Many universities have also recommended their class groups to participated in Viking War of Clans as it builds great relationships between students which help them do better in group projects.


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