Battlefield 4 on Xbox 360: to play or not to play?

Battlefield 4 on Xbox 360 is the most beautiful shooter of our time that embodied all the best ideas of the Swedish developers DICE. The developers were able to provide us with a new and unforgettable experience, from the gameplay to the multiplayer and single player mode of the game.
Let’s start, perhaps, with the weakest side of the Battlefield 4 on Xbox 360, as well as the whole series, a single campaign. Yes, the plot in it is slightly better than what we saw in Battlefield 3, but it does not cover all its flaws, general absurdity and wild incomprehensible mixture of different scenes, logically unrelated to each other. Characters do not want to worry, and moralize on the part of the military command of the US Army or its subordinates, it is simply annoying.
Battlefield 4
And the protagonist named Recker is another silent fighter for freedom and justice, not having his own opinion and running on any team or the whims of other characters. It seems that he should take difficult decisions as a commander of elite part of Special Forces, performing the most dangerous tasks in various hot spots of the world, and the players sympathize with him in these difficult for him moments, but that is not it. Helpful developers will give you one single choice at the very end of the game and then, the subsequent endings do not differ much from each other.
From a graphic point of view, the game is very good on Xbox 360. Sometimes the textures do not have time to fully load after the next level launch and, instead of a normal environment, a gray, ugly mess appears before you. Forget about normal anti-aliasing and add a strong darkening of the picture, hiding all the “beauty” of the engine. There are enough usual glitches, bugs with a failure in the walls and many others.
Battlefield 4
The system of destructibility is inadequate: only certain pieces of buildings can be blown up, many of the glasses are made of materials unknown to humanity. Against the backdrop of all these drawbacks, we cannot fail to note the magnificent sound and ballistics of weapons. The roar of explosions, the rumble of tanks and gun volleys sound very cheerful and alive. Indoors echoes from each movement and rustling. However, the musical accompaniment disappoints; the compositions are quickly erased from memory and do not leave a pleasant aftertaste.

And finally, about the vital: to get a platinum trophy, you do not have to be particularly tormented. Most of the trophies in the game are related to the plot campaign, collection of collectible items as well as the receipt of a certain number of points for a gold medal.


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