Your Major League: FIFA 18 Xbox 360

The developers of FIFA release update versions of the game every year. And every year it becomes more and more perfect. FIFA 18 is the twenty-fifth edition of the series, available for the Xbox 360. And, of course, it is the best at the moment. The creators of this simulator have licenses that give the right to use real football teams and even the names of players, which makes the game even closer to life. Every release of the game has an official face. In FIFA 18 it is one of the best football players of our time, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo FIFA 18

The new version of the game has many improvements. First, the developers paid more attention to the use of artificial intelligence. Now every football team can choose the tactics of the game, which will affect the behavior of players on the field.

In addition, the identity of each player has become more apparent. When creating each hero, the features of the character of the real prototype, his manner of play, the ability to interact with other players, and much more were taken into account. In fact, you will deal with real digitized football players of the Major League.


Also FIFA 18 Xbox 360 is full of interesting realistic details, taken from real football matches. For example, part of the field can be strewn with garbage thrown by the ultras. In addition, now not only football players, but also football fans have individual facial features and expressions. Moreover, athletes can now interact with spectators at the stadium. For example, a player who scored a goal can run to the fans and cuddle with them.

Another innovation of FIFA 18 Xbox 360 – in addition to the matches themselves, press conferences with the participation of the coach and football players will be held. In addition to the main character, the gamer can control two additional heroes, the soccer player’s sister and his friend.

Also there are additional missions in the game. For example, you can participate in training sessions in which one player competes with another. The result of such training affects the player’s rating and the team’s game in general. Also, the player has to make various decisions that will affect his sports career.


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