Best NASCAR games for Xbox One: must-play titles for speed racing lovers

NASCAR Heat Evolution

NASCAR Heat Evolution is the new part of the popular series of NASCAR games for Xbox One, which first appeared on consoles of a new generation. You will find 23 perfectly detailed tracks and the best pilots.

NASCAR Heat Evolution is made in the genre of racing game simulator, developed by Monster Games. The last time this office dealt with the NASCAR franchise in 2002. And, we must say, that the game released by Monster Games, NASCAR: Dirt to Daytona, received very good reviews from critics.

The game is based on the championship of 2016, and includes all 23 racing tracks that were involved in it. The same goes for the cars themselves and the riders.

A distinctive feature of NASCAR Heat Evolution, however, is the system of adaptive artificial intelligence, which will build its tactics depending on the manner of the player’s behavior. Therefore, this is equally interesting for both beginners and experienced players.

There are four modes to choose from: fast race, career, chase for the Sprint Cup and test mode, in which gamers will have to beat real records set by the best NASCAR racers.



NASCAR Heat 2 is a licensed racing simulator of NASCAR games for Xbox One that bears the most realistic entourage of the main American races. Players will be able to wear a driver’s helmet in one of two categories, stock cars and trucks. All competitions take place on completely oval tracks and semi-oval profiled tracks. Also in the calendar, there is the legendary Eldora Speedway, a dirt track checking for strength not only cars, but also the teeth of drivers.

The biggest game mode offers to build your career and participate in 26 races on the legendary tracks, and in 16 races on trucks. In this mode, there are a lot of interesting things – encouragement for accurate driving, inner command system of rivalry and even events with exhibition cars driving. Unfortunately, all this can be done only alone, besides, the game completely lacks localization.


What is not lacking are cars, almost a hundred roaring cars and trucks. These cars (unlike F1 2017) are extremely primitive and are not equipped with all sorts of electronic assistance systems. But there is something that attracts a lot more viewers, almost pure mechanics and a thousand horse power engines. Each car can be set up tracking force, and in case of an accident and damage, they are easily repaired with a hammer and tape.


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