Xbox One Games for Kids

Lego Jurassic World

The game is inspired by the famous film about the dinosaurs. Though the movie itself is not appropriate for watching with little kids, the game is designed for players of tender age. You will not find even a hint of aggression or trauma in it. Instead, there’s a lot of fun, jokes and adventure. At the same time its plot is as close to “Jurassic Park” as possible. In this game, a little hero can freely study the open world and control both humans and dinosaurs.

Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations

If you want the child not only to have fun, but also to learn something new – give him Adventure Time. Two main characters – a boy and a dog – explore the mysterious terrain, look for different objects, and at the same time solve different kinds of puzzles that help him comprehend the real world. The child will decide which items he should used to complete the task, he will also interact with other characters in order to obtain the necessary information.

Fantasia: Music Evolved

Games for children can be as easy as smiling. Fantasia: Music Evolved will give your child the opportunity to feel like a conductor of orchestra. He can create music with a wave of his hand. The game is based both on classical works and modern music, including the repertoire of such a non-banal artist as David Bowie. The game is quite simple, but at first you will have to learn how to move your hands correctly.


The main characters of this fascinating adventure game are the chameleon and bat. This funny couple explores the expanses of the game world and gets to higher levels. Each of them has unique skills that help duo in their path. Despite the seeming simplicity, the game is stunningly exciting: the adventures are very funny and intriguing, and the heroes are emotional and amusing. The game is considered one of the best Xbox one games for kids.

Minecraft Story Mode

A review of Xbox games for kids is inconceivable without Minecraft. Especially – without its Story Mode. Its main feature is a well thought out and exciting plot. The hero’s task is to find the mysteriously missing heroes. Wandering in the open world, the main character finds various objects, solves puzzles and, of course, saves lost characters.


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