Great news! Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice coming to Xbox One in April

Well, if you were waiting for a game about Senua’s adventures, and the only thing that stopped you from buying was the lack of a version for your Xbox, now you have no excuses. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is now available for Xbox One. Moreover, you can choose one of three modifications: for improved visual effects, for increased speed and for greater dynamics. In any case, you will experience extremely unusual sensations.

Hellblade Senua's viking game

The game tells about the adventures of a Celtic warrior girl, who tries to save the soul of her beloved person. In addition to fighting in reality, the girl has to deal with the creations of her own traumatized mind. That means, you will control a character, who simultaneously acts in the outer world and tries to comprehend his inner experiences. In addition, her battles can be perceived as a reflection of the inner struggle. The game is inspired by the mythical stories of the Celts and Scandinavians, which certainly makes it even more atmospheric.

In fact, this is an action-adventure game, in which you will need to fight with enemies and solve puzzles. One of the interesting features of the game is the ambient binaural sound of mystical voices. These voices are very important in the game. Another impressive feature is the motion capture technology, which is used for realistic facial expressions and gestures.

hellblade screen

The whole gameplay consists of two parts: peaceful interaction with the surrounding world and battles. In the first case, the heroine needs either to simply move in space, or to overcome an obstacle, for example, in the form of a puzzle. By the way, to solve the puzzles, the heroine uses her ability to see the world differently than other people, the ability to focus.

Thanks to the impressive graphics, unusual theme and other unique features, many critics have called this game a piece of art.

By the way, this game was created by an independent studio. Its creators intended to make an indie-product of the AAA level. Judging by the success – including commercial – they succeeded. The game has won many awards, including, prizes for sound, overall performance and contribution to the gaming industry.

Now the owners of Xbox One can also enjoy the adventures of an unusual heroine in an unusual world.


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