Top 3 best action games for PC: play them now!


GTA 5 is one of the best action games for PC. The subject submission in GTA 5 is radically different from all that was before. We have more than one hero with a troubled past, knowledge or ignorance of whose does not interfere with unobstructed understanding of current events.

This time, there are three characters, whose fates are closely intertwined. The trinity of main characters sets the backbone of game mechanics. Each of the heroes lives his life, has his own house, his list of acquaintances and quests, which are accessible only to him. At any time, you can switch from one character to another.

Dishonored 2

This is the story of a young Empress and her father, who fell into the millstone of a large-scale conspiracy. At different times, the game becomes a family drama, a sophisticated detective story, and sometimes even turns into a political thriller. At the same time, it never stops being variable and always adapts to the player’s style.

Dishonored 2

The events of Dishonored 2 begin several years after the final of the first part. During one of the solemn ceremonies, Aunt Emily Caldwin makes her way to the palace and put the throne in a claim. This is definitely one of the best action game for PC of all times.

Right during this mess, Dishonored 2 offers to choose, which character you want to play. You can choose Corvo Attano, the hero of the first part, who became the chief guard of the young princess. And you can give preference to his daughter Emily, the Empress, suddenly became an outcast.

Batman: Arkham City

Let’s talk about the differences between the new game and the previous one. The main difference is, of course, the structure of the world that surrounds the heroes of this game.

In front of us is the new Batman himself, while tasks are constantly intertwined in the story line, differing in the degree of their importance.

Batman Arkham City

The most interesting events take place in the prison. There are constant skirmishes between several warring clans. Total groupings are three. The first is called Two-faced gangsters. The second is referred to as Penguin’s pets, and the third calls itself a Joker adherent. Having joined the confrontation with one of the factions, and having defeated its leader, the main character radically changes the existing alignment of forces.


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