Review on Call of Duty: World War II

“History repeats itself”, apparently it was Activision’s motto when they decided to return the Call of Duty to its roots, to the times when CoD was all about the World War 2. And to be honest it was a good choice. Last two games, Advanced and Infinite warfare got mixed reviews from gamers. All those flashy scopes and wall running made players feel tired of being a superhero. Conversely, CoD: World War II tells a story of a regular squad in the heat of bloodiest battles in history. The multiplayer has new features like headquarters and war mode, which bring some freshness to the game. Nazi Zombies transferred its puzzles in creepier environment. Of course, players and critics noticed minor flaws and inconsistencies. Nevertheless, it is a solid Call of Duty enjoyed by its fans.

Boots on the ground again

The single-player campaign starts with the Normandy beachhead in 1944 and then goes till the Liberation of Paris. You play as a Private Daniels, a young American soldier without special skills or even past war experience. This story is more about relationships between soldiers in a war zone than fighting a supervillain. A game made a step back from self-healing, so now you need to stay low, and use health packs. Your squad helps you in your struggle for survival and progression (also called strikes), resupply you with ammo, grenades, and more importantly supply you with medkits. Private Daniels is not the only character in the campaign that you will play for. Some missions feature pilots, tank crews, and scouts. One can agree with critics that there is nothing new in these scenes, guns and heavily scripted missions, but with latest design technology and settings, the game looks amazing.

call of duty review


After completing 7 hours long campaign, you will unavoidably try the multiplayer. Battles feel neat and fast-paced despite 1944 European setting. Sledgehammer brought back the remade version of the War mode from CoD3. Each team should achieve objectives running through several stages. Your team should accomplish different tasks like conveying a tank or building a bridge while opposing team will try to stop you. Unfortunately, this mode has only 3 maps for now. Furthermore, instead of choosing a class for your character, player can choose one of the 5 legendary WW2 divisions that pave the way to unique training, unlockable perks, and fighting skills. The old-school deathmatch and domination modes are taking place on 12 new maps that feel classic and robust.

review call of duty

The one totally new thing is headquarters, the social hub where players can get Orders and Contracts, test weapons at the shooting range, open supply drops, watch pro-CoD events and even play mini-games. Another nice addition is a choice between male and female avatar with the variety of skin colors. Activision did not forget about the zombie installment, which got much tougher and creepier. To survive hordes of undead Nazis you need some skill and a lot of teamwork. This dark co-op mode with the well-narrated story, fresh characters, and intense music will remain entertaining.


Call of duty: World War II does not need to apologise for the campaign or multiplayer. Going back to “boots on the ground” with the latest technology was a smart decision of Sledgehammer. Even if we never see a CoD game as revolutionary as Modern Warfare or CoD2, this game leaves a good feeling.


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