What should we expect from Dead Island 2


Difficulties with development

At the initial stage Dead Island 2 has been developing by Techland, but the company decided to focus on creating another game product – Dying Light in cooperation with Warner Bros. The creation of the game was delegated to the German studio Yager Development. In 2012, the game concept was developed, and in 2014 the game was officially announced. As developers noted, the game will be more dynamic and entertaining than the previous part.

However, something went wrong, and in 2015 Yager Development studio for some reason was removed from the development of Dead Island 2. It remains only to guess what caused this decision. Anyway, the company Deep Silver has promised to do everything possible to complete the development of the second part of the zombie action.

For a long time, the company could not decide on a new developer, and finally, in 2016 it became known that the creation of the game will take the Sumo Digital company.



What will happen in Dead Island 2?

Dead Island 2 is the sequel of eponymous action game, where the main character has to sweep the territory, which is teeming with living dead. The mechanics of the game are classic for the genre, while there are elements of RPG and crafting in the project. Each player can pump his arsenal in all available ways and thereby increase his own chances of survival in such conditions. Fortunately, a large number of various weapons and items for creating equipment will help them.

Action of Dead Island 2 unfolds a few months after the events of the previous part. A new outbreak of infection struck California, cordoned off by US troops.

It is worth noting that the world of Dead Island 2, in comparison with the previous part, is several times bigger.


Apparently, the main task of the player will be the exploration of the island in search of survivors, as well as the fulfillment of various tasks. The main goal of the game is stay alive. The player will come across all sorts of useful items: money, water, food and others.

In the previous version, the character had a stamina scale, he used all sorts of weapons and objects to survive in a zombie environment. The weapon had various parameters: the impact force, the impact on the character. He often had to repair and improve it. Most likely, you will see all these features in the second part.


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