Doomed to polish: DOOM is getting a 4k upgrade on consoles

It should be noted that this famous game in the style of a first-person shooter already looks decent enough. But, as it is known, there are no boundaries for perfection. The developers promise that after the update, the game will be even more exciting, mainly due to improved graphics and more advanced special effects.

Regardless of whether you have already played this game or not, after improvement, in any case it is worth diving into the underworld of DOOM. Anyway, new impressions and unforgettable experiences are waiting for you.

doom screen

In the matter of visual effects, many elements of the game have been improved. Each explosion and shot, each demon and each type of weapon; all this will look in a new way on the consoles. We hope that the world of DOOM will really be significantly updated.

DOOM, of course, is not the first game that will get a 4K upgrade. It will join a fairly large company of the most famous and successful computer games. And judging by other games, the changes after the upgrade are significant. Regardless of the platform on which you play, these games look much better, both in the opinion of players, and in the opinion of critics. Therefore, we can assume that the DOOM will suffered the same fate: it will become even more realistic. With DOOM, this means even more frightening. After all, even now the realism of monsters is off the scale.

Several fragments of the game have already been published, as well as screenshots that give an opportunity to get acquainted with the visual changes already now. So, if you cannot wait, welcome to the ‘fragments of hell’.

Doom is one of the most significant and influential computer games in the history of the industry; in particular, its popularity largely determined the further development and distribution of the first-person shooter genre.

The action of the game “Doom” takes place in sci-fi scenery using the techniques of the horror film. In 2016, a new series was released. It was named the same as the first, Doom. It has the main components of the franchise: a powerful weapon, a lot of demons and fast moving. The player is able to move around the entire level: there are not only hallsin the game, but also open areas. The main task is to destroy the masses of opponents with weapons. “Health” and other bonuses fall out of the corpses of enemies, motivating the player to bloody melee combat.


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