Doom VFR (PSVR, Vive) Review

The famous first-person shooter Doom was first released in the distant 1993 – and immediately won the hearts of gamers all over the world. Of course, at that time it had quite primitive graphics by today’s standards. The game was modified several times to meet modern standards. Finally, we have hi-end version, developed especially for virtual reality helmet.

Unlike the older versions, you will not see here the legendary DoomGuy. Just because the hero is you! As the official description of the game says, you are a security officer of the United Aerospace Corporation (UAC), whose consciousness is transferred to an artificial body after your death.

Your aim is to restore the order at the station and close the portal to hell, which enables terrible demons from the underworld to penetrate the Martian laboratory. The main distinguishing feature of the new game is, of course, an incredible immersion in virtual reality, which became possible due to the advanced headset. Now you not only control the character – you are the protagonist yourself.

Doom VFR (PSVR, Vive) Review

The arsenal of the hero consists of familiar to all Doom fans pistol, plasma rifle, shotgun, Gatling gun, good old BFG and other weapons. Cartridges in the game are found in great abundance.

It is worth noting that in Doom VFR there are three control models instead of one. The first is a standard DualShock 4 gamepad that comes with each PlayStation 4 console. You can move either with analog handles or use the method of teleporting from point A to point B. To do this, you should aim at the place you want to go to, and press the button.

The second control scheme is implemented by PlayStation Move controller. Unlike DualShock 4, it allows you to independently control both hands: with a weapon in the right, and grenades in the left. You can teleport, move back and forth, left and right and also turn around abruptly 180 degrees. Unfortunately, you will not be able to turn smoothly.

The third control scheme is a wonderful gun PlayStation Aim. On this controller, in the form of an assault rifle, there are two analog handles that allow you to move wherever you want. It also has a full set of useful buttons. Although you can’t independently control your left hand, this option seems to be optimal.

Doom VFR

One of the indisputable merits of the game is music – a very cool mixture of aggressive metal and dubstep, which completely envelops the player from all sides.

It is fair to say, that the game also have some annoying defects. One is short duration of the game – about 3-4 hours. Besides, there are a number of defects in the moving system. But in the whole Doom VFR gives an unforgettable experience and certainly worth trying.


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