Far Cry 5 Microtransactions Paid Content: to buy or not to buy

Usually microtransactions give rise to doubt. In today’s article, we shall consider whether it is worth to give Far Cry 5 microtransactions a try; and how its paid content works. Far Cry 5 includes an acceptable economic model in comparison with some major releases in the last eight months. In the game, things and weapons can be purchased for both in-game currency, and for silver bullion, bought for real money. Fortunately, Ubisoft did not limit the opportunities for earnings, so you can easily ignore the option of microtransactions in the game menu.

Far Cry 5 Microtransactions Paid Content

How much will this “happiness” cost to those who decide to try? Judging by the options available in the game, a set of silver can cost almost like the game itself. Unfortunately, the developers went on the traditional practice of selling ingots in sets (creates the effect of extra ingots, motivating to spend and buy more), and also do not allow exchanging ingots for in-game dollars.

far cry 5

The cheapest set includes only 500 bars and costs $5. The most expensive includes 5000 ingots and costs $50, this set is the most profitable, as for the dollar you receive 145 ingots.

Far Cry 5 Paid Content options

Still wonder, how Far Cry 5 paid content works? Here are all the options:

  • 500 ingots for $4.99
  • 1000 ingots plus 50 “bonus” for $9.99
  • 2000 ingots plus 400 “bonus” for $19.99
  • 3500 ingots plus 1,050 “bonus” for $34.99
  • 5000 ingots plus 2,250 “bonus” for $49.99Far Cry 5 Paid Content

The maximum cost of prestigious weapons and vehicles is 500 bars, which is equivalent to $5. Only a few goods have such a price; most assortment costs 200-400 ingots. Still there is an option that valuable metal can be earned directly in the game. However, this will require working and searching for it.


For example, Polygon editor collected 140 ingots at the time of the completion of the campaign without spending time searching for it. Prices may seem a bit high, but a prestigious weapon gives merely cosmetic upgrades for guns that are bought for regular in-game money, so its absence will not harm the pleasure of the game. Also, most items cannot be purchased for silver ingots.


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