Long-awaited Far Cry 5 is finally released

On March 27, the game Far Cry 5 was the officially released. Sequel was eagerly awaited by franchise fans and the entire gaming community. After all, the fifth part promised to be the best.

In new release developers took into account all the mistakes of the past and offered not one but four charismatic scoundrels at once. Moreover, they chose an interesting topic – the pernicious influence of religious sects on the inhabitants of one of the USA.

Far Cray V

Father Joseph Sid really turned out to be a bright and in some ways even exemplary villain, as he was shown in trailers. Intelligent, calculating, and believing in his followers (and in God, of course) – he immediately gives the impression of a strong man, and his strength is not in the muscles, but in the intellect and the huge crowd of admirers in his project named “The Gate of Eden.”

The player takes on the role of assistant sheriff. Together with colleagues he is sent to catch Sid. But it was foolish to expect that everything would go according to plan. The outcome is deplorable – the comrades of the main hero are captured, and he escapes and goes to seek helpers to save friends.

Like the previous games, Far Cry 5 is a first-person shooter. The protagonist does not immediately go to the members of the sect, since in each region of the country it is necessary to raise the so-called resistance level. Also you will need to fulfill side tasks: rescue captives, destroy altars, destroy trucks of cultists – there are many options of fun in the game. The scale of resistance is divided into three components, and when each of them is filled, the main character gets to the villain.

Hero is always in danger. In fact, the danger comes not only from guns. For example, hypnotizing music can enter a hero into a trance state. Or sectarians can shoot at you with a special weapon that turns a person into a religious fanatic.

The idea is well implemented and negative characters are brilliant, it is even difficult to choose the best of them.

The fifth part is made in such a way that the player feels himself an active participant in what is happening. Therefore, in particular, now you can create a character of any gender and choose his clothes. But the most interesting feature is the effect of your actions on dialogues with characters. If you have succeed in one of the regions and go to a new one at first, its inhabitants will already know about your merits and will somehow mention it in the dialogues.


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