The burden of glory: Fortnite has raised the ire of an Australian current affairs program

Success has a dark side

A successful project will necessarily be reproached and criticized. So it happened with Fortnite. The game has won the hearts of many gamers around the world, including teenagers. As in many other games of the survival genre, in this game the hero has, among other things, to fight with the enemies.

This aspect attracted the attention of the Australian program “A Current Affair”. Apparently the program management decided to find a way to join the success of the game. And chose the format of criticism and caution. This computer game is harmful to your children – this is the main message of the plot.

Fortnite screen

The TV presenter communicates with the boy playing Fortnite, while nodding her head reproachfully and sympathetically sighing. After the young player explains the goal of the game – to survive, to avoid death – the presenter asks the main question: “But should you yourself kill?” The player’s answer is less dramatic than the question: “You just shoot your enemies, they fall.”

The conclusions of the authors of the program are disappointing: such games are cruel and exciting, children love them, becoming cruel themselves. Passion for the game is a dangerous obsession, which causes the strongest addiction.

By the way, this is not the first time that this Australian TV program draws attention to Fortnite. Apparently, the popularity of the game does not give her peace. One of the commentators jokingly remarked that children really should be forbidden to play Fortnite. But not because of violence in the game, but because of the fact that children do not know how to play and their characters die almost instantly. And since the game is multi-player, then this affects the other players in the team.

Fortnite gameplay

The issue of violence in video games has long worried the public. Periodically, it again appears in the center of the discussion. There is an opinion that video games, in particular those containing violence, negatively affects the psyche of children and adolescents – up to mental disorders. However, there is no definite opinion on this matter. Apparently, here, as elsewhere, the main thing is a measure. Excessive passion for games, as well as excessive aggressiveness of the games themselves, will not lead to anything good. In any case, when it comes to children, parental control is very important.


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