Wow! Fortnite streamer Ninja makes over $ 500k a month

A kind of big record was set on the Twitch channel. Young gamer Tyler Blevins, playing under the pseudonym “Ninja”, gained over 630 thousand simultaneous viewers during the live broadcast of the Fortnite survival game. That is, more than half a million people just watched the young man play his favorite game. Thus, instantly made him a rich man. Obviously, the guy not only “survived”, but also is prospering.

Perhaps, this is the easiest and fun way to earn a fortune. On this occasion, the guy was interviewed by CNBC. In the interview, he admitted that he earns more than five hundred thousand dollars a month. Most of the revenue comes from Twitch, the rest – from YouTube and other accounts in social networks.

Ninja the god

The young man, who playfully became a millionaire, explains his success with the fascinating gameplay of the game combined with the positive and entertaining atmosphere of his streams. This, of course, explains little, because millions of streamers try to play interesting games and have fun. But only Ninja managed to cause an impressive excitement.

It should be noted that, despite the wealth found, the boy did not lose his head. He continues to study diligently at school and do his usual housework. He advises other players to do the same. It is also praiseworthy how wisely he used money. He deferred, invested and donated to charity.

In fact, a year ago, Ninja had only 5,500 subscribers. Now he has got almost 130 thousand. Simple calculations show that with this number of subscribers, the player earns more than 10 thousand dollars a day. And this is only part of the income. Add a YouTube channel, advertising and other bonuses.

The most striking thing about this story is that the number of subscribers grew not gradually, but at once. In just a couple of weeks, about 50 thousand people subscribed to the channel.

It should be said that the success of Fortnite streamer Ninja is not accidental. He really plays well, and his comments make the game even more interesting. They are sometimes ridiculous, sometimes sincere, but in any case cause sympathy.

On the other hand, the case with the Ninja shows that anyone can achieve success in streaming. Why don’t you try? Play and share joy with other players. Perhaps, in addition to joy, you will also get some money.


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