All locations on new Fortnite vending machine map

Thanks to vending machines, you can exchange the accumulated materials for all kinds of things you need. Such machines are located in different parts of the map. As a rule, they are hidden in various buildings. However, occasionally you can find a street machine.

Each machine can offer you a choice of three items. If you do not need the item that is being offered at the moment, you either have to wait until the machine offers another item, or to hit the device with a pick – in this case, the replacement of the object will happen instantly.

Fortnite vending machine map

Items can be of varying degrees of rarity. The rarer the object is, the more expensive it is. You will pay for it with the materials. Ordinary things will cost you a hundred materials. Unusual – 200, rare – 300, epic – 400 and, finally, the legendary ones – 500. The degree of rarity is indicated by color. For example, ordinary things are white, while epic are golden.

While looking for vending machines, keep in mind that they are distributed on the whole map, but they cannot always be found at the same points. The higher building density of the territory is, the higher the probability of finding a machine.

Vending machines were added to the game as part of the game update for mobile devices and the computer. To activate this update, you do not need to download; it will appear automatically in the game.

Such updates are an important part of the promotion of the game. On the one hand, players get used to the exciting gameplay, on the other – they constantly get new experience and new opportunities. Vending machines make it possible to diversify your arsenal easily.

In this game, you can buy as many items as you want. However, there is a choice before the players: whether to spend the material necessary for a construction or to save it for strengthening the strong point. Obviously, there will be a certain compromise solution.

It is necessary to understand that construction is very important in Fortnite, as it provides protection from night attacks of zombies. Therefore, use the capabilities of vending machines deliberately. However, no one will forbid you to experiment. In the end, it is not your life; it is the life of a character.


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