Top info from PUBG’s creators: region-locked servers and new weapon skins

Latest news on PUBG!

PUBG is considering region-locked servers, adds new skin system and crates!


The latest test version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds represents a new system of weapon skins and new weapon boxes. You can get them in two ways, but each of them involves the purchase of containers. The developers added two new containers with loot, Triumph and Raider. One of them, Triumph, is paid. To open it, you need to purchase the Weapon Cosmetic Key for $ 2.5. The box itself falls from Random Weekly Crate with a probability of 20%.

Finally! PUBG is considering region-locked servers

“We are always working to improve the gaming environment,” says a report on the update of this Steam community. “This includes ensuring a stable network experience for our players. You all know that we have implemented a dating system based on ping, which showed excellent results, but we did not want to stop there.”

Finally! PUBG is considering region-locked servers

“One of the solutions that we are considering are operating servers, so only those players, who live in this region can connect and play. These servers will become invisible to players residing in other regions. But at the same time, if a player in an exclusive server region forms a team with a player from another region, they can connect and play on any of the servers available to any of them.”

Last week, Brendan Greene aka ‘PlayerUnknown’ stated to US Gamer, “seems like developers exaggerated the ability of servers that depend on the region, but the developer believes that the proposed approach is designed to offer “the best gameplay” and help improve both network problems and linguistic barriers.

PUBG Players

The message adds: “We are going to conduct a limited test of this approach since more detailed research and analysis should appear before global application.”

The developers reported on possible changes in the game: apparently, the PUBG will add a restriction on the choice of the region. Let’s see how useful the innovation will be.

Limitation on the selection of the region

Now in PUBG you can choose any server, even if you play from Europe, no one will interfere with going to the Asian server and playing with Chinese players. Bluehole plans to introduce restrictions so that the gameplay will not suffer from high ping, and communication (the language barrier).


Depressing cheaters

Global players dislike the Chinese server players because they often use cheats. If you faced a player, using banned software, most likely he is from China. The fact is that in Asia PUBG costs less, and permanent locks do not stop players from buying new copies and registering new accounts. Perhaps, the restriction of the regions will fix the problem and protect western servers from the ‘influx’ of cheaters.


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