Dirty trick or clever trick? Mouse and keyboard players using emulation to dominate PUBG Mobile

The balance of forces in multi-user competitive games is essential, because if a certain number of gamers in some unforeseen way gets huge advantages over the others, it can break the entire game. It seems that in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds there is a big problem in this matter, and now it has nothing to do with a version for the PC.

game battleground

Some gamers realized that you have possibility to use the mouse and keyboard in the version of PUBG for smartphones. Using the mouse allows you to shoot much more accurately than using a gamepad – not to speak of the screen of the mobile device. This, surely, breaks the balance. A mass of videos on Youtube, where gamers with the keyboard and mouse quickly win rivals in PUBG Mobile, is a convincing proof of this.

Keyboard and mouse can be applied in Android, by using certain Bluetooth-accessories. The other option is to load PUBG Mobile on a Chromebook, where you normally use mouse and keyboard. You also can emulate your smartphone on your computer.

You can regard it as trickery, but it also can be regarded as an absolutely fair option. Anyway, players who use keyboard and mouse get a huge advantage which makes the game less balanced. It is obvious that the developers have to solve this problem. But how? There are no easy answers for that.

As you probably remember, PUBG Mobile was released for Android and iOS in March, after pre-launching in China and Canada.

PUBG for smartphones

This is a fairly popular multiplayer shooter, combining the genres of survival and last man standing. p to 100 players can participate in the game. All the characters get to the island, their goal is to survive, exterminating the other participants. To do this, they must look for weapons and other ammunition.

In the course of the game, the space gradually decreases, and the battles between the participants become more intense. The player (or a group of players) who survives wins the game.

At the beginning of the game, characters jump with a parachute and land on the island. You can choose to join the game alone, or within the group. It is also up to you whether to fight honestly or use a mouse.


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