Explore terrain: new PUBG map ‘Codename: Savage’ enters player testing soon

To please the players with new impressions and to present a new experience in the already familiar game, the developers of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds decided to create a new island. This island will be tested by gamers at the earliest stage of development. Thus, the developers hope to get an extremely clear picture of the players’expectations, as well as about possible shortcomings of the new terrain.

The new area is called “Codename: Savage”, and on April 2, its testing by players will begin. Testing will last until April 5. It is noteworthy that the new island will be smaller than the already existing territories in the game, about 4×4 km. This means that the events on it will unfold more rapidly.


The testing was decided to be held at the earliest stage in order to get feedback from the players as early as possible and to continue working on the territory in the right direction. This will be a closed test, with many restrictions. To participate in it you need to register on Steam. To know more about the upcoming testing, the developers advised fans of the game to closely monitor the company’s channels in social networks. It would be strange if they did not do this: launching a new territory is an excellent occasion to provoke a wave of excitement among the company’s numerous followers.

game screenshot

Recently, the creator of the game, Brendan Greene, shared some details about the new territory. According to him, it is designed in such a way to make the game more impetuous and exciting. Well, we will see. He also emphasized that the new territory is at the very beginning of development. After all, the sooner the players’ feedback is received, the more perfect the result will be.

Those who have already played this game know that the territory in this massively multiplayershooter plays a significant role. According to the plot, participants enter a limited territory, landing from an airplane. Over time, the available territory is reduced, which inevitably increases the intensity of the game. After all, the essence of the gameplay is survival, which is possible only through the extermination of other characters.

Soon you will be able to find out what it is like to fight against rivals in the initially reduced territory.


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