Overwatch devs comment on royal battle game mode

In these days, battle royale genre attracted and gained more and more popularity among players. This happened due to enormous success of such games as PUBG and Fortnite. Still the game world keeps wondering if the Overwatch will witness this kind of genre or not.

Today we will try to find out what Overwatch devs talked about adding battle royale mode, and why it may not happen. We know that Activision Blizzard is scanning the Battlegrounds in the Battle.net, so maybe the Overwatch could also make a jump aboard and add a battle mode to the battle?

Do not pin hopes. The game director Jeff Kaplan said that he was intrigued by this idea, but noted that it would be a difficult task to do it immediately. Kaplan, who says he played “hundreds” of PUBG hours, said he was worried that even if Blizzard could do it, it might not work well without a lot of work on it.

overwatch hero

“Many times when I hear some of our fans doing this, just saying, “Oh, just put the card in Arcade for one day, and this is the battle royale mode,” and I like “F***, it would be great. But there are a lot of design and technical works that will help us get to this place.”

Commenting on the possibility to add battle royale mode to the game, Kaplan said that Overwatch is, first of all, a game about the heroes, and their balance is a part of the reason why the battle royale mode cannot work. “Part of what the main loop work in PUBG is search, looting and great fear that you could be killed in any second and all players are somehow equal. Still, the Overwatch was not designed for 1v1 battle. Every hero is not balanced to the opponent.”

‘There is a lot of work to be done to provide the Overwatch with royale battle mode’ – Overwatch devs

Kaplan’s answer is similar to the fact that the president of Take-Two, Strauss Zelnick, spoke about the genre of the royale battle. He watched the space with interest but said that he is afraid that Rockstar and 2K after following the trend, could lose their trace and style.

sombra Overwatch

Considering how popular the genre of royale battle is, let’s hope that in other games the own royale battle modes will be added, and some more new games with royale battle can float just like this one.


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