PUBG’s first birthday! Get an exclusive present skin!

Dudes, PUBG celebrates its first birthday with complimentary weapon skins, let’s remember how it all started! On March 23, 2017, PUBG went into early access, and a considerable number of players joined the game to get the best experience of the Battle Royale. During this time, so many things have happened: a second map appeared, different weapons and equipment, a system for overcoming obstacles, customer optimization, cases with equipment for every taste, and much more. Be sure that it was just a beginning!

One can despise the network shooter PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, presenting this game, as uninteresting one. However, in fact, it has a unique achievement: since the release, the project, as settled on the first line of the weekly Steam hit parade, has never even slipped to second place.

While PUBG celebrates its first birthday with complimentary weapon skins, think about this record, put on the first birthday: 48 weeks of victories in Steam in a row. Nobody else could do this. At one time, DayZ was able to hold out at the top for a couple of months, with a periodic slide down, and then with a similar result was a car and football action Rocket League, but all these are nothing compared to what the Korean studio Bluehole did!

PUGB’s anniversary Scar-L skin

On the day of birth, it is usually accepted to receive gifts, but this time everything will be the other way round. Go into the game before the start of the May technical work, and the weapon skin of Year One Scar-L will be yours! After that, if you find this weapon on the map and take it in hand, it will look exactly as shown in the image below. Hunting will become even more exciting!



To receive the gift, you need to go to the game before the technical work, which will be held in the first week of May. The item will be issued forever, without the possibility of sale or transfer.

Do not miss your chance to get skin in honor of the first anniversary of PUBG. Be sure to share the news with your friends so that they can also receive their gift!

Let’s celebrate the PUBG birthday together!


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