Machete from PUBG is brought to life

This spectacular knife, of course, is not the most dangerous and deadly weapon in the game. It is difficult to resist enemies armed with automatic weapons with it. But this is a pretty practical thing. Besides the fact that it can shred the enemy in close combat, it also can be used to clear your way in the thickets, chop food and so on. In addition, the thing itself is beautiful.

The transformation of a game machete into a real thing is the work of the guys from the Man At Arms: Reforged. This group of enthusiasts is known for having made weapons from games and films for many years.

Machete from PUBG is brought to life

These people not only go crazy on video games, but also are professional blacksmiths. And, judging by their products, they are very good blacksmiths. Machete from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is not the most difficult thing they had to do. After they forged the “Great Sword of Arborea”, such knives for them are nothing more than fun.

Although the machete is not so complicated in production, it is beautiful and practical in its own way. Its minimalistic design is elegant and noble. We hope that this piece of blacksmith art will not be used for the same purpose as the heroes of the game use it.

If you are not familiar with this game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a massively multiplayer title, in which up to hundred players can participate. The game starts when players land on a relatively small island. Each time the plane flies on a different route, so players need to decide for themselves when to jump out of the plane. By the way, you can enter the game alone, in pairs or in a team of four people.

You get to the island without weapons and other necessary means. All this you need to get on the spot. Fortunately, weapons, including machetes, medicines, remedies and other equipment are scattered all over the island. Useful objects are distributed unevenly across the territory. Therefore, the point at which you land will be of great importance.

The size of the terrain, on which the battles are taking place, is gradually becoming smaller, which leads to an increase in the density of players and, as a consequence, to more frequent and intense collisions. The player or team of players who is the last survivor on the island wins.


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