Review on DICE’S Star Wars Battlefront 2

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is definitely not the worst game in the Star Wars universe. Despite all resentment towards loot boxes and unbalanced upgrade system, it is a great fan service for all Star Wars lovers. This is the first game that combines all three eras of Star Wars movies. Most of the critics acknowledged EA’s work on superior visual-design, great sound, and gaming atmosphere. If you consider this game as addition and correction to 2015 Battlefront, it outclasses previous launch in most cases.

The fall of the galactic Empire

Unlike the last game, Battlefront II has a single-player campaign created by Motive Studios. The campaign takes place between the Battle of Endor and the rise of the First Order. The protagonist is dauntless special ops unit commander Iden Versio, whose story is closely described in Christy Golden’s novel “The inferno squad”. Unfortunately, in the game this character is underdeveloped and plot twists are predictable. After the first controversial Empire’s order, Iden decides to join the rebellion despite all imperial brainwashing. Because the campaign is only 4 hours long, you can play for the Empire for about 1 hour.

The other thing that interrupts Versio’s story, are missions you have to play for Luke Skywalker and other iconic characters. On the other hand, the diversity of locations and almost cinematic atmosphere will not disappoint you. In a nutshell, the single player is a big tutorial that allows you to try guns and get used to slightly edited multiplayer maps.

The fall of the galactic Empire

The multiplayer mode

Battlefront 2015 was criticized for its small amount of maps and content. The creators of new game did a great job in these terms, presenting 14 well-developed multiplayer maps with troops, vehicles, and weapons of all 3 eras. The game’s most anticipated mode “Starfighter Assault” finally takes us to gorgeous space battles. Other modes are “Galactic Assault” with up to 40 players in one map, a 12 vs. 12 “Strike”, “Blast”, and “Heroes vs. Villains”. You can choose between 5 classes of troops: Assault, Heavy, Specialist, Officer and special, which can be chosen by spending battle points. These points are given in each battle for your in-game performance. You can also use them to get in the vehicle or to become a hero. Because of this system, only top skilled players are playing as heroes leaving the rookies behind.

The second problem is confusing upgrade system for individual character classes with collecting Star Cards. Players who equip their characters with powerful Star Cards are getting superiority in combat. The easiest way to get Star Cards is through loot boxes which could be purchased for real money before the launch. It raised a wave of charges from players for being unfair. But even after purchases were temporarily disabled, players were still complaining about the unbalanced system of class development that requires unrewarding grind and getting random loot crate bonuses.

Star Wars Battlefront II is a highly controversial game. It looks good and immerses players into the atmosphere of the galaxy far away. It also take a step forward comparing with the 2015 version with a greater variety of content, new features, and the remarkable single-player campaign. Nevertheless, it also leaves you with some bad feelings about the progression system that does not respect the player’s time, especially after EA’s dull excuses for the microtransaction scandal.


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