GTA Online players claim multiple unfair bans

GTA Online players claim multiple unfair bans following latest update, but most say that they did not do anything. It’s true!

The GTA Online community reports a wave of bans that occurred by mistake or without reason immediately after the last update. It seems that they hurt only PC players. Bans that last 30 days seem to coincide with the latest update for GTA Online – ” Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series,” which appeared on Friday and added new cars and racing events. It seems that when accessing the exploit with the sale of vehicles, some players were banned on suspicion of forbidden modification, despite the fact that they did not do anything wrong.

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A wave of bans swept the world of GTA Online “The anti-cheat system by Rockstar apparently screwed up, because according to the post on the GTA Online disc, the user who used his anti-cheat found that everyone else in his session were moderators, in this post in subreddit, which attracts attention on a wave of bans. In other words, people who have done nothing are defined as illegal moderators, which leads to a bunch of inexplicable bans.


GTA Online players claim multiple unfair bans following latest update, and naturally, everyone who faced it immediately stated that they were not to blame for anything. In some cases, banned players spent less than 10 hours in the game, which indicates a mistake that moderates the game. Polygon asked Rockstar for comments. But even if the wails in their forums did not lead to an answer, we doubt that we will hear something from them.

GTA Online latest update bans

The fact is that this only affected PC players, caused speculation that this could be related to the mod menu, and anyone who installed it will be punished. But the PC already had a so-called “tunable” update on Sunday, which indicates the recognition of the problem and the attempt to fix it.

GTA Online latest update bans

Consider an advice

Recently, Rockstar has banned many GTA Online accounts for no apparent reason, and you do not need to call or require support. Mostly because of the YouTube punks and the gaming community that called Rockstar, as well as their “do not hang up” policies, the authors stopped giving support over the phone so that this will not help you to solve the situation.

Still, according to the former insider Rockstar and community member Yan2295, the attempt to reach support will be ignored, and the topic will automatically be closed.

Consider an advice


As for these numerous bans in #GTA Online, it’s useless to create a theme with the support requirement. However, according to Yan, the system could change, so you can always try to send a support ticket, but do not count on it.

While it is worth waiting for an official statement from Rockstar and hope that today’s changes will be rolled back. Perhaps it’s the update, which was earlier this week since the bans started just after it appeared on the PC.


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