Top 5 best adventure games.

Walking Dead: The Game

This great zombie game, consisting of several episodes is definitely one of the best adventure games. It has a great captivating plot, interesting quest-like tasks and great characters. The game proves that even in such a trite genre as zombie apocalypse, you can still do something original and interesting. This interactive cinema is worth spending time on it.

pict Endless Journey

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

The game is a sequel of well-known Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. It is a classic action-adventure game. The character under the player’s control moves through the levels, overcomes obstacles, solves puzzles and fights enemies using parkour and special skills. In addition, there are elements of role-playing games. The character is constantly evolving, gaining experience points by killing enemies. The biggest innovation is the addition of element management capabilities.

photo Endless Journey

L.A. Noire

The game takes place in 1947 in the city of Los Angeles. The protagonist is a Los Angeles Police Department detective named Cole Phelps. He is to solve a number of crimes. To do this, he will have to inspect the places where they occurred, in search of clues that could lead to the criminal. Players can move both on foot and by various cars that appear during the gameplay. In addition to the cars, the player has ten outfits for the character (4 of them are DLC). Some outfits have special magical properties.

Life is Strange 

Life is Strange is a game with elements of adventure in the genre of interactive cinema. Be ready for very unusual gameplay, you will have to make a lot of decisions that will affect the plot development. The ending will definitely stun you and throw you into a dilemma. The main character is a girl capable of time travelling. Such masterpieces, like this game, are released not so often, and therefore, it is a must have for every self-respecting gamer.

Alone in the Dark

This game is also among the best adventure games. Like all games in the series Alone in the Dark, it has a good plot and very descent gameplay. You will experience interesting ways of using different items, tricky but logical puzzles, and the atmosphere of horror, when something is hiding next to you. Play it, and you will have a lot of fun; but keep children out.


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