Most captivating adventure fighting games.

The Walking Dead: The Game

The main character of this adventure horror got into jail just at the moment of the zombie apocalypse. When humankind was on the verge of complete destruction, the character managed to go free. Now he is the only person opposed to zombies, not to mention an eight-year-old girl who accompanied him. Unlike similar adventure fighting games, The Walking Dead pays a lot of attention to the emotions of the characters.Walking Dead

Doom & Destiny: AdvancedDoom & Destiny

Doom & Destiny: Advanced is the sequel of the enchanting and funny adventures of a small group of heroes in the 16-bit JRPG format. The advantages of the new release include a huge map of the world, stunning step-by-step battles, insane outfits for Heroes, cross-platform multiplayer, sociable characters, secrets, and most importantly – an ever-expanding story. During the game, you can improve the skills of the characters, increasing their chances to win.


Among adventure fighting games this is the only game in which the action takes place during the First World War. The creators of the game were inspired by the famous battle of Verdun – one of the most bloody in the history of wars. The player has the ability to choose which of the units to join. Each division has its own specific tasks. You can play in different intensity modes. In any case, do not expect simple victories. The game gives an opportunity to get a unique experience, close to real battles.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Adventurer Nathan Drake decided to search for treasure hidden by pirates. Travel is going to be quite dangerous – you will not be bored. The hero has to undergo severe tests, in which he will be helped by an impressive set of weapons. At his disposal a variety of firearms and explosives. In addition, he has good hand-to-hand combat skills. Of course, he will not only have to shoot, but also solve puzzles.


The protagonist of the game, a young man, gets into an underwater city after a plane crash. Under the player’s control, he examines the abandoned levels inhabited with hostile mutants. Being a first-person shooter, Bioshock also contains elements of role-playing games. The gamer is allowed to improve his weapons and abilities, overcome obstacles in several ways, and also take controversial from the moral point of view decisions.


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