Terribly interesting: Far Cry 5 has a secret ending like Far Cry 4! How to get it?

Ubisoft decided to keep the tradition of alternative endings in the Far Cry series and added the opportunity to pass a new part in 10 minutes. Yes, Far Cry 5 has a secret ending like Far Cry 4! This Is How to Get It!

Recall that opens an alternative finale in Far Cry 4 at the beginning of the game was enough not to leave the room of Peygan Min and wait for his return, after which the game was played in a completely different scenario and ended in a few minutes.

A similar situation has developed in the still not released Far Cry 5. To see the quick 10-minute final, it is enough to refuse to arrest the “Father” after the game. To do this, you do not have to do anything for a while, the sectarian leader will once again make a pretentious speech, and the main characters will head back to the helicopter, abandoning the original plan, thus avoiding the crash of the helicopter and all subsequent events.FarCry5

A helicopter with a sheriff, a marshal, and you land near a sect house, you go inside the main building where you will have to handcuff the Father (Joseph Sid). If you do not press ENTER (the consoles have another action button) for some time, then a secret script with a cut scene will start. The sheriff approaches drop Father’s hands down, turns around and leave with you and the marshal. Captions.

Look through the video about Far Cry 5 secret ending:

Do not forget that there are two other endings.

Best ending

true ending of Far Cry 5

Right, or true ending of Far Cry 5 is a considered resistance. When you return to church from the beginning of the game, you need to abandon the offer of Joseph Sid and try to arrest him. You are waiting for a battle, after which you will see the real ending of the game.

Bad ending

To activate a bad ending, at the beginning of the game you need to accept the offer of Joseph Sid and leave Hope with friends.



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