The Witcher 3 adventure game: the most stunning open-world game

CD Projekt RED for several years managed to accomplish what other developers can only dream of, to create a game equivalent of the “Game of Thrones.” Achieving world recognition by expanding the target audience of the Witcher adventure game from a group of fans of the brainchild of Andrzej Sapkowski to the whole gaming community. In addition to a unique world in The Witcher, there is something that radically distinguish it from other RPG games, a tremendous naturalism of everything that is happening. Developers do not adapt to the toothless norms of artistic expression, prescribing bashfully hide naked bodies and pools of blood, do not offend women and children.

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As in the plotted relationship, and in the severity of the issues raised, the authors remain faithful to the spirit of the original. There is no right or wrong here; the ideals of justice give way to real social problems. Tyranny, infringement of the rights of population groups, widespread cruelty and, of course, the struggle for power; politicized fantasy in pop culture is now on the crest of a wave, but a rare bird in the world of role-playing games. The Witcher adventure game is densely inscribed in the artistic basis and confidently uses its resource.

CD Projekt RED managed to skillfully weave story tasks with additional ones, that the classical division of quests into main and side quests is not felt at all, although it does take place. Violent battles and solving issues of paramount importance are elegantly combined with the execution of seemingly insignificant errands: a couple of hours after the meeting with the Emperor himself, we are already traveling through the villages and, if desired, we are helping the disgraced sorceress in her difficult situation. The Witcher 3 changes the rhythm of the narrative and skillfully maneuvers between drama, epic, and comedy, forcing the player to laugh, then feel sad.

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt differs favorably from its closest competitors: from Dragon Age: Inquisition – the manual study of quests, from Skyrim – focus on the plot and its nonlinearity. The trilogy about Geralt receives a brilliant completion in the form of “Wild Hunt,” uniquely becoming a classic of role-playing games.

Pros: a huge world, stunningly beautiful and filled with a variety of unique content; a large number of stylistically verified and voiced dialogues; set of choice situations; a fantastic atmosphere; an exciting and rich history of the world and characters.

Cons: weak artificial intelligence; some witch abilities can destroy the balance.


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