The best casual games

Gang Beasts

In this somewhat surreal multiplayer fighting game, you will face brutal battles of amusing gelatinous creatures. The action takes place in a fictional town under the weird name of Beef City. The game has 8 stages and runs in multiplayer mode. The task of the players is simple – to beat opponents until they fail. Customize your hero, team up with friends against city bands and destroy them without any pity.


This puzzle-platformer game with elements of survival horror is one of the best casual games. It is created in monochrome black and white, with minimalist scenery and ambient music. The gameplay is based on the physical interaction of the protagonist with the environment. The game world is filled with numerous traps and inhabited by hostile creatures. Your task is to survive in it. Most traps are invisible until they work. So be prepared to die many times.Limbo

To the moonTo the moon

The game tells about two doctors – Eve Rosalyn and Neela Watts, who are engaged in a rather unusual business. They, literally, give people another chance to live – by creating artificial memories in the mind of the patient. One of the clients is a dying elderly man named Johnny. You need to put together pieces of events in his memory to find out the reason for his dying wish – to go to the moon – and to fulfill it. Among the best casual games, this one he stands out by its soundtrack.

Beat Cop

The game will especially appeal to the fans of films about policemen in the style of the 1980s and 90s. In this game, a policeman named Jack Kelly must uncover a tricky crime. And in order to do this, he has to deal with sectarians, drug dealers, guys from the porn industry, prostitutes, bandits and even giant cockroaches. He himself will have to transgress the law many times. But not only his honor at stake, but also his life. After all, too many people in his city do not mind to set him up.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers is an adventure puzzle platformer in which The gameplay is built on the twists and turns of the two brothers, on their communication with each other and other characters. They jointly overcome obstacles and solve riddles. The gamer controls each brother separately using a keyboard or gamepad. Also, each of the main heroes reacts to non-player characters in their own way.


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