Casual multiplayer games: easy pleasure.

Borderlands 2

We shall start our review of casual multiplayer games with the game which will please fans of first-person shooters with RPG elements. At the beginning, the player can choose one of four heroes, each them has a unique skill. The player receives tasks from non-player characters or bulletin boards. For each task performance, the player will receive various rewards and points. Unlike the previous version of the game, this one has an improved weapon modification system and a more interesting story.Borderlands 2

Dungeon Defenders

Haven’t protected the fantastic dungeon for a long time? Fill this annoying gap with Dungeon Defenders. The game takes place in a fantasy world, where the player controls one of the heroes. Each type of characters has unique buildings, skills and its own type of weapons, which he can use to stop the monsters. Cooperating characters from different classes allows you to create a unique defense.Dungeon Defenders

Castle Crashers

The game gives an excellent opportunity to try on a knight’s armor. The game takes place in a fictitious medieval world. One to four knights (depending on the number of players) take part in a fictitious in the king’s castle. Meanwhile, the sorcerer steals a mystical gem and four princesses. Angry king orders knights to return the stone, save the princesses and punish the sorcerer. Each knight possesses a certain kind of magic.

Rayman legends

If you prefer the platformer style, pay attention to this game. The protagonist saves the fabulous worlds from the nightmares that have infested them: he jumps along the platforms with his friends and dodges the thorns, and also releases prisoners from captivity. You also have to visit special rooms for solving witty puzzles. In addition, the game has a lot of extra content – multi-player testing and mini-games.

Metal Slug

Fans of funny arcade games, will surely like this funny series in the genre of “run and shoot.” These casual multiplayer games gained fame thanks to a diverse gameplay, detailed two-dimensional graphics and excellent humor. Heroes have at their disposal special combat equipment – Slug. In different games of the series it is represented by tanks, airplanes, submarines and combat robots. Slugs can be made of metal!


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