The best early access games

As you probably know, early access games are games, which are available in unfinished form. Developers meanwhile continue to improve it, which, however, does not guarantee the release of a full version. In fact, this category of games is a big dump where it is not easy to find something worthwhile. We did this job for you by picking the best early access games.


This is a nice multiplayer free-to-play first-person shooter, that was downloaded 800,000 times in the first week after the release and entered the top ten most popular free games. Each gamer plays for one of the two teams and controls the champion with unique characteristics. You have to complete tasks, which is necessary for the victory. Each hero carries a unique weapon and has 4 unique skills.Paladins


Science-fiction simulator colony is controlled by sophisticated artificial intelligence. The main characters of the game are three people who survived the wreck of the spaceship. You have to found colonies in different climatic zones, explore new territories, participate in battles, using weapons. You will control the colonists and develop their abilities.


Ark: Survival Evolved

In this survival simulator, you will have to put in a lot of effort and skill to save your life. At the very beginning of the game, you will not even have clothes, not to mention a house or weapons. You’ll have to get everything yourself. In fact, dinosaurs can help you to fight enemies. You can tame and even ride those creatures.

The Long Dark

The development cycle of this game is as long as the darkness in post-apocalyptic Canada. There is no multiplayer mode, no battles, no pathos. The game is simple – and terrible. Frozen half-dead woodcutter must get out into that barn with a stew. Next to the barn there sits an equally “cheerful” wolf, who dreams of eating a logger. If one of them does not devour in the next 10 minutes – he will definitely die.

Space Engineers

This voxel sandbox game can also be called one of the best early access games. Main activity of the characters is construction and maintenance of space objects. There are 3 planets and their satellites in the game. Your task is to extract resources and expand infrastructure. Improve your building skills in space!


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