The Best Early Access Games of 2018 on Steam

Early Access Games give players an opportunity to test an unfinished game with a big discount. You can often find defects in such games, but this does not mean that they are of poor quality; some of them are very decent. Here is our review on the new early access games of 2018 that are worthy of your attention.


Astroneer is a classic sandbox in a science fiction style. You will try yourself in the role of an astronaut, who makes different planets fit for life. Colonization of distant space objects has acquired the scale of gold rush. You are one of the space miners. As in most sandboxes, you will have to explore new spaces, extract all sorts of resources and use them to build the buildings needed for the planet’s infrastructure. You do not have a specific mission; the game is purely creative.

Battalion 1944

Battalion 1944 

If you are a fan of shooters, this game will please you. Despite the fact that it is in early access, it is truly mesmerizing. This is a classic multiplayer action game, in which the actions take place during the World War II. Fights occur between two groups, consisting of five people. You can choose a variety of weapons that were used in those times. By the way, this game is one of the best-selling early access games of 2018 on Steam.

Superhot: Mind Control Delete

Superhot has already won the hearts of gamers around the world. And now its developers promise to release its continuation. In the meantime, you can test the game in the early access. This is a puzzle game with action elements. Its gameplay is even more interesting than in the previous release. New improvements are not available yet, but the game is nice even without them. You can control two characters with unique abilities, pass levels (twelve in the whole), and shop at a special store. In addition, the game can boast improved graphics and more advanced artificial intelligence.

They are billions

They are billions is another worthy novelty in early access. This is an exciting strategy, created in the style of Steam Punk. The action takes place on the planet that survived Armageddon. Your hero, along with other survivors, must fight aggressive infected creatures. In our opinion, this game is one of the best among early access games of 2018.

They are billions


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