The best indie games 2017


If you like First-Person Shooter games, but you are tired of their gloomy aesthetics, monsters, blood streams and other horrors, this game is for you. It is not aggression and stubbornness that is important here, but a creative approach to organizing attacks and the ability to use weapons in a variety of ways. Enemies are treacherous, and you will have to exert all efforts to avoid their attacks and traps. Fortunately, a large selection of weapons is at your disposal.DESYNC

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

The theme of this game is very unusual, even considering that this is an indie game. Its main character is a Celtic girl who suffers from mental disorders. Unusually, isn’t it? In the game, the protagonist is forced to watch various bizarre hallucinations. According to the story, she goes on a journey to the world of the dead, in order to save the soul of her dead lover. During the game, the heroine must pass many tests – to fight with swords and solve tricky puzzles.


This game was developed by a company of friends just for fun. However, over time, it has become one of the best indie games 2017. Action takes place in a strange universe in which the force of gravity is not directed into the planets, but outwards. In these unusual circumstances, you need to collect some information, restore the history of the mythical kingdom. This kingdom is about to be destroyed, and you need to hurry so that priceless information will not disappear forever.

Katana Zero

This samurai platformer is designed in the style of arcade games of the 1980s. The main character has not only katana, but also a whole arsenal of various weapons, including the fantastic substance Chronos, which allows the hero to manipulate time. In the ruined city you will fight enemies, perform acrobatic elements stunts and various ninja-style tricks. During the game, you will pass several levels, meet unusual characters and hone your skills to perfection.

Little Nightmares

The main heroine is a 9-year-old girl who fell into the bowels of a submarine ship. At the beginning of the game, she finds herself on the lower level, in total darkness. Fortunately, she has a lighter. Her task is to rise to the deck, avoiding monsters and traps and solving puzzles. Freedom and amusing guests are waiting for her overhead.Little Nightmares


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