Top 5 Indie games.

  1. Limbo

Limbo is truly a great achievement and one of the best indie games of all time. Not many games can boast such originality, an interesting atmosphere of gameplay and a brilliant storyline at the same time. Limbo has become a classic in the world of Indie games and must necessarily be in the collection of every fan of this genre. At the heart of the story is a little boy who wakes up in the woods and does not know how he have got there and where he should go next. Soon you will find out that this is a rather dangerous place and you need to try to get out of it as soon as possible.

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  1. Undertale

Undertale brings something new to the world of Indie games, namely the cinematic tips in the storyline where you wake up in an unknown world and go on a trip in hope to return to your usual life. The world of Undertale is truly beautiful and completely justifies even the most daring expectations. Perhaps, at first glance, you will not understand that, but this game is one of the most progressive and innovative in the genre of Indie games. Undertale could be easily considered as one the best indie games of all time as well.

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  1. Super Meat Boy

It’s another great addition to the Switch library. Quite short and simultaneously exciting levels of the game are just perfectly combined with the game in both TV and handheld modes. The unusual mechanics of the gaming platform, a lot of hidden warp zones and incredibly playable characters will motivate you to return to the game again and again.

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  1. Stanley Parable

In The Stanley Parable storyline, you control Stanley, also known as Employee #427, who appears to be only a cog in the mechanism of a huge machine, which does not give any other options except for specific and manual tasks. Stanley Parable perfectly demonstrates natural choices of behavior during the game, which is very similar to situational behavior in real life, both at work and in the family. The main thing you need to learn is that sometimes, acting the wrong way turns out to be a more reasonable option.

  1. The Binding of Isaac

This game is inspired by Bible stories. The protagonist of the game is Isaac himself, who has to survive in a truly monstrous basement, after trying to escape from his mother, who turned out to be religiously obsessed. The game is full of a huge amount of unlockable content and an incredible number of items that are very useful during a walkthrough.

The Binding of Isaac


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