Best massively multiplayer online games of 2017: something you should definitely try!

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

This is one of the best massively multiplayer online game today. We have a multiplayer game with huge map; it is an island with some small islands around and a big military base at the bottom of the screen. The whole island is covered with forests, fields, mountains; there are just a lot of buildings, small barns, abandoned buildings and everything like that.

We are first taken on an airplane, then given the opportunity to jump out wherever you want. It is worth saying that the aircraft flies every time in different trajectories and you need to quickly navigate the terrain. You jump off the plane, fly, open the parachute and land on the ground. From this moment begins the struggle for survival; you have 95 opponents, everyone wants to kill you.



A tactical third-person shooter with elements of parkour. The game’s events unfold in space and on various planets. The player plays for such a hero as Tenno, an ancient warrior. Tenno is like a space samurai. You can play this massively multiplayer online game with your friends and on your own. Players play for characters wearing a suit called Warframe. The player has only 3 weapons:

  • The main weapon: shotguns, sniper rifles, machine guns, bows and stuff.
  • Secondary weapons are pistols, kunai and shurikens.
  • Melee weapons: swords, axes, sledge hammers, hammers, braids, claws and stuff.

You will have your personal spaceship, which you can paint in different colors. During the game, you will have an opportunity to acquire your pet, the kubrau, whom you must follow and improve as well as different Warframe mods.

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2

The game by ArenaNet came out in 2012. The excitement around it subsided somewhat, but the large and stable fan base, regularly coming updates and care from the studio-developer make it clear – this is a real and high-quality AAA level project. Guild Wars 2 did not revolutionize the online market, but at the same time firmly occupied a niche of quality and affordable AAA-MMORPGs with a decent amount of content. In GW2, each class has 7 specializations, but only 3 can be activated simultaneously.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2, whether somebody likes it or not, at the moment is a unique item in the genre of MMO-shooters. “Grind”, non-stop shooting, weapon fetishism – on these 3 pillars stands the mechanics of the creation of Bungie. It was foolish to expect from the second part of the concept some changes or some unexpected gameplay solutions. The developers did exactly what the players expected; they corrected the mistakes, decorated everything, and added a bunch of nice little things to every aspect of the gameplay.


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