Top 5 car racing games for kids

 #5. Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing is one of the best car racing games for kids. The game is based on modern physics, in which players need to travel as far as possible and do not roll their buggy over when overcoming various obstacles. Sometimes the physics of the game becomes a little difficult for a child; nevertheless, the atmosphere of the gameplay will greatly please a kid and will fully draw his attention. The game also contains a bit of advertising, nevertheless usually this is not noticed.

Hill Climb Racing picture

#4. Monster Truck Nitro

Hearing the expression Monster Truck, one usually imagines formidable cars, with monstrously powerful engines and names like Grave Digger. However, the riders themselves say that their work also requires great accuracy while driving, because one wrong move during the performance of the trick can provoke a real catastrophe. Monster Truck Nitro fully corresponds to real races in this style, and by learning and performing various tricks, the player will be able to master various skills of this racer on off-road.

Monster Truck Nitro

#3. Traffic Rush

Traffic Rush, this is a simple arcade strategy for managing traffic, which lies in passing through traffic-filled intersections avoiding possible collisions. The game is easily taught and children will be able to get a lot of fun achieving ever higher results. Mind, that after getting into an accident, the brief information that may contain light violence follows, however, the first accident ends the game, therefore children are most often engaged in order to start playing again without reading the information.

Traffic Rush pict

#2. Moto X Mayhem

Moto X Mayhem is, perhaps, the best of all car racing games for kids, where children will be able to test their skills in extreme sports, namely motocross. The physics of the game is very realistic in all moments of movement, when you land, jump or spin in the air. Having well remembered the basics of running a motorcycle, you will get a unique chance to compete with the best racers and become the first of them.

Moto X Mayhem pict

#1. Crazy Taxi

Have you ever thought how interesting and exciting it is to be a taxi driver? Playing Crazy Taxi, you can try what it is like to drive passengers to their destinations and at the same time doing it for the time allotted for the trip.

picture Crazy Taxi

Additionally, during the trip, you will be able to perform various tricks by earning extra money. The main task is to bring the client to the destination on time, otherwise, you start to lose earned points.


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