New racing games

DiRT Rally

In this wonderful autosimulator, you can choose the time of day and weather. In case of damage (and without them, as you know, it will not do), you can repair your car with the help of four mechanics. By the way, mechanics are part of your team, and you need to hire them first, by negotiating all the details of hiring, including its duration and salary. These hard workers will not only repair your car, but they will be constantly improving it. Therefore, take seriously their selection.DiRT Rally

Shift 2: Unleashed

Shift 2: Unleashed is another simulator among the new racing games. It will appeal to those who appreciates realism. Here everything is very believable: the race itself with bends, jumps, extreme braking, accidents and damage to cars. You can choose a vehicle from a large car park consisting of luxury racing cars. The choice of routes is also impressive. Since you are free to change the route every time, the game is unlikely to tire you quickly.

Project CARS 2

This game allows you to thoroughly study the habits of the car, learn how to feel the road, adapt to different types of road surface. However, the physics of the race here is slightly different from the real, which makes the game tenser. For this reason, it differs from the usual arcade race, created rather for a relaxed pastime. It resembles a dizzying attraction for autofans. The game runs with the help of artificial intelligence, which will help the player to understand the faults of the car and improve its characteristics.Project CARS 2

TrackMania 2: Canyon

Among new racing games TrackMania 2: Canyon is also worth noting. The gameplay here is the same as in the first release. The player can choose any of a variety of routes, choose a driving mode, participate in championships or choose a corporate game. You can also use the function of the road editor. This function allows you to create your own road sections. The main innovation is reflected in the name: the game takes place in a new landscape – in the canyon.

Forza Horizon 3

This racing video game has open world elements and offers a cooperative multiplayer mode. The race will take place in Australia. As in all modern racing simulators, you can choose the tracks and constantly improve your car. Realistic design of the game will impress even the most meticulous gamers.


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