Hooray! Dragon Quest 11 Release Date Announced For PS4 and Steam

Release of the eleventh part of Dragon Quest in the US and Europe is scheduled for September 4 this year. Owners of Switch console are likely to be pleased only in the next year. The version for 3DS, which has already been released in Japan, will not be published in west countries at all.

Adapted game will be supplemented by some modifications. Of course, the dialogues will be in English, the menu will be slightly improved, and the reconnaissance process will be accelerated in it.

By the way, this is the first time when the game is available for PC users in the countries of the West. As the developers said, they plan to expand their audience, attracting English-speaking players. Well, that is good news for us.

As for the game itself, it logically continues the previous series. The main characters wander in a semi-fantastic world, exterminate monsters and improve their skills.

It is noteworthy that before the battle begins, players can choose a 3D or 2D animation option. Moreover, you can change the graphic style at any time.

As in the previous series, the action takes place in an imaginary reality called Lotozetasia. The protagonist is a young man marked by an unusual birthmark. The mystery of this spot will be resolved later during the game. His friend, a young girl, helps him. The task of the heroes is to get to the top of the rock, on which supposedly live the spirits.

Having achieved the goal, he realizes that he is the reincarnation of an ancient hero, who once saved the world from destruction. Now he must again assume the role of the world’s savior and enter into a struggle with evil forces.

To fulfill his duty, he leaves his native places and embarks on a long and dangerous journey.

But not only the dark forces are opposed to the protagonist. At first, the young man is considered an accomplice of the evil. The protagonist goes to jail. The situation seems hopeless. However, thanks to the cunning of another prisoner, he manages to escape from jail and continue to fulfill his mission.

The Dragon Quest series is incredibly popular in Japan and seems to be very popular in the west. The eleventh series was sold in an amount of 2 million copies for the first two days of sales in Japan alone. Well, let’s see how things will be in Europe and the US.


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