Frostpunk will warm you up


Frostpunk is a postpunk video game in the genre of urban development simulator, created and published by the Polish company 11 bit studios. During the three days after the release of the game for PC, more than 250,000 copies were sold, which completely covered all expenses for the video game development and marketing campaign.



In an alternative history, in the summer of 1886, unexpected frost caused millions of people to move urgently to the south, and also led to the death of many crops. Over time, cold weather reached the south, so people began to seek salvation from the cold near the heat generators built by the British Empire in the islands rich in deposits of diverse minerals.


Game process

In Frostpunk the player is the leader of a group of people who got to one of the British Empire-built islands and found a heat generator. A territory around a large metal building is the place for all video game action. In order to work the generator needs coal. All resources (coal, wood, steel, food products, etc.) must be excavated by settlers, in order to live in warm settlements around the generator.



There are several main resources in the game: coal, wood, steel, food and mood of the population. The most important of all is coal, which supports the livelihoods of the entire city, providing a heat generator with fuel. Wood and steel are needed for the construction of new homes, tents, for people living, scientific laboratories, processing centers, etc. With a high level of mood, people will not arrange strikes and will work more diligently in their own work.



During the game, the player will also have to make complex moral decisions and provide citizens with the necessary supplies.

An important factor in the significant development of the city is the mood of the population. Each person in the settlement has a certain specialization, his own preferences, views, religion, culture, etc. With the growth of settlement, the confidence and self-sufficiency of people grows, and after that, it becomes harder to manage them.

Weather conditions and political instability can lead to the fact that citizens will not want to work diligently and simply give up their work commitments. The player has the right to install new laws and regulate the old ones, in order to resolve such public discontent.


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