The best life simulation games.


This game is one of the most innovative in the 18+ category. During the game, you will have to seduce the characters of other players. In fact, this is a 3D chat for adults with stunning graphics and incredible features: you can create your character, customize his appearance and clothes and develop his abilities. Explore the game virtual world: clubs, beaches, islands, yachts. Or, say, invite friends to your personal apartment. And there – who knows – maybe you will get acquainted with a charming girl who will have her eye on you.

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The Sims

According to many gamers’ opinion, this product is one of the best in the category of life simulation games. It takes place in a town where five families live. The player controls one or more Sims, takes care of their well-being, develops their skills, establishes relations with other characters, advances their career and equips their apartment. The game does not have any storyline, and theoretically, it can be played forever.

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The Good Life

Very interesting project, which combines several genres. This is a life simulator, and at the same time a sailing yacht simulator, and an economic strategy. You are the owner of a small vessel that arranges sea excursions. Your customers are very well off. You can equip your yacht, buy various items (from the chaise lounge to the hotel), arrange cruises, search for treasures and do other interesting things.

7 Sins

If you dare to sin, it’s better to do it in the virtual world. 7 Sins – perhaps the most controversial project among life simulation games. The protagonist of this game wants to climb to the top of the social ladder, and he will do it, indulging in various sins. The gameplay is very unusual and sometimes funny. Be prepared for the fact that you will have to sin a lot and often. In general, if you are tired of having to be good – you are welcome.

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Viva Pinata

Surreal game about growing piñatas – funny figures filled with sweets. At the beginning of the game, it turns out that all the piñatas went into the forest and became wild, because those who grew them have not cared about the pets. We have at our disposal a neglected piece of land, which we will have to put in order. After this, we will grow piñatas and sell offspring. Viva fairytale farming!


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