Top 4 monster truck simulator games

Monster truck simulator games, chopping cars and performing sick jumps, are rare and mostly horrible. Steam added 7,000 games in 2017, and none of them was about monster truck simulators.

Monster Jam Battlegrounds

The Battlegrounds begin in the forest. Screw the nature. Run it. Or, let the exhalation poison the air. Before everything dies, take a bunch of tracks in the rollercoaster style of “Trials HD” (similar to a roller coaster, 2.5D motorcycle game about balance, speed control and shaving seconds off your best time). Jump into the air, stay on the level and hope that you land correctly.

Monster truck picture

If it is somehow boring, grab one of the 23 Battleground trucks in 3 race tracks filled with dirt and jumps so that the ticket price is worth visiting it. Mind that the mud is formed by the ashes of a forest, and it seems that it is even crueler.

Monster Truck Destruction

Smashing directly through a trailer that crashes like cardboard, jumping into the air and landing on the roof of the school bus, and running along piles of garbage cars: Monster Truck Destruction cannot be called a delicate one. It really likes to break things. Do not pay attention to the school system that probably needs these buses; watching their collapse under giant tires is more fun than educating kids. This game is really one the best monster truck simulator games.

game Monster truck

Off-Road Super Racing

In fact, the record speed of a monster truck is just 100 miles per hour. This is called “Raminator”, because, of course, it is. According to the speedometer in the Off-Road Super Racing, the poor speed of the Raminator is nothing. Trucks here reach 240 miles per hour. Combine this maximum speed with physics from another reality, and this freebie by Steam can send a truck 100 feet into the air. At some point, one could underestimate the turn and sent a truck flying vertically up to the sky. The external environment gives a lot of room for comic chaos, but since there is nothing that can be destroyed, there is also nothing to chew on. These Monsters were created to run everything over and flying will not replace it.

Monster Race 3D

The Windows 95 era graphics? Short distances. Square wheels. Wonky-style graphics. It is a bunch of generic tracks and indifferent races, but you can send trucks high into the air, hook on nitro and take off to the finish. It is fun, but it is not a Space Cadet Pinball.


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